Insurance Burlington VT

Learn about various insurance terms and options, including health, business, and life insurance.

Discount Car Insurance: Service Versus Price Burlington VT

While the saying “you get what you pay for” is oftentimes true, paying more doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get more. If you pay more for auto insurance, you might get the coverage you need, but customer service can be hit or miss, no matter how much you pay.

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance Burlington VT

While bare minimum coverage is perfectly legal in all states, most dealerships won’t allow you to drive off the lot with skimpy coverage. If you finance your vehicle, chances are you will be required to purchase more than the bare minimum.

Tall Claims? What You Need to Know About Car Accident Insurance Burlington VT

In theory, car accident insurance is one way to protect yourself, your car, your family, and any other passengers in the unfortunate event of an accident. In reality, car accident insurance protects drivers, provided the driver has the right amount of insurance.
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